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Anne Owen, Healer, Psychic and Medium is now available to give personal consultations

Anne Owen, Gifted Clairvoyant, Healer and Psychic Medium in Kent. Available For Personal Readings.

"...after my first meeting with Anne, I was totally blown away. Her accuracy was mind-numbing. With no prior knowledge of my personal details she could describe my characteristics and my family. Awesome."

''...Dear Anne, many thanks for the reading you did for me today...10 years ago, I had a life changing experience. I "died" twice, each time I was out of my body and was being pulled along. It was an incredibly peaceful experience and I felt no fear. I was taken to a beautiful place where I saw my nan, grandad and my nan's brother, all of whom had died many years earlier. When I got up close to my nan, she told me to go back and that it wasn't my time yet. I then was immediately jolted back into my body. This happened at a very stressful time in my life..."

"I had a personal reading with Anne Owen, whom I had never met before. She straight away looked at my hands and told me that she saw that I had had a lot of troubles and that I had had a near-death experience."

"She then told me that she had three people standing behind her, a woman and two men. And Anne then said that the woman was telling her that she had told me many years earlier that it wasn't my time and I had to go back."

"I was amazed at how accurate Anne was, she had no way of knowing of my experience, of the people I had seen and who they were, but in my reading they were coming through and communicating with Anne."

"I had always been a total non-believer in life after death, clairvoyancy etc, but since my own experience, I have become more open to it."

"I can wholeheartedly endorse Anne, my personal reading with her was fantastic and it gave me great comfort to know Anne was able to communicate with my nan during my reading..."

For a telephone reading, contact Anne on 01622 764417 or 07538 787383 - this costs £38 for a scheduled half hour appointment. To arrange a live, Personal Reading in the Maidstone, Kent area call 01622 764417 or 07538 787383.

Payment for telephone readings is by credit/debit card.
Telephone or Personal Visits can be arranged after such payment.
Major credit and debit cards accepted.

Contact Anne Owen

Tel: 01622 764417 or 07538 787383