What is Remote Viewing?

The ability to visualise, to respect the body – to ‘see’ into the body. Anne works with her eyes closed either remotely or face to face.

Anne is one of the best psychics around – known as the ‘Woman With The X-Ray Eyes’ (Remote Viewing), she has been using her psychic powers for well over 30 years and has assisted not only private individuals, but many international organisations and authorities, as well as Royalty.

For a telephone reading, contact Anne on 01622 764417 or 07538 787383 – this costs £40 for a scheduled half hour appointment.

Payment for telephone readings is by credit/debit card.

Anne cannot enter into emailed readings.

"We Live Forever"

Anne Owen and Peter Valentine - "We Live Forever"Anne Owen & Peter Valentine are delighted to announce the publication of their new book entitled "We Live Forever" - AVAILABLE NOW
View a synopsis of the book here
Published by Bright Pen
ISBN 978 07552 13352

“I had a personal reading with Anne Owen, whom I had never met before. She straight away looked at my hands and told me that she saw that I had had a lot of troubles and that I had had a near-death experience.”

“She then told me that she had three people standing behind her, a woman and two men. And Anne then said that the woman was telling her that she had told me many years earlier that it wasn’t my time and I had to go back.”

For a telephone reading,

call Anne on 01622 764417 or 07538 787383