Interview with Anne Owen, Clairvoyant, Healer and Psychic

A storm was maliciously teasing the atmosphere when I set off to meet psychic couple Anne and Peter Owen. The evening air was heavy, the clouds above in dark angry turmoil and when I finally reached the lush green lane leading to their home I saw a splinter of lightning crackle me a V-sign over-head. What a relief to get there then before the rain lashed down. I don’t know about seeing into the future but the windscreen of my car was about to become dangerously blurred by a spectacular downpour if I didn’t find my destination fast. Just as Anne had predicted, I had indeed lost my way to their home and turned back on myself several times until I finally spotted the gate she had mentioned which sat along a lane deep, deep in the Kent countryside. ‘I’ll wave you in,’ she tells me through the ear-piece of my temperamental mobile phone. ‘We’re very, very hard to find.’

And true to her word, when I eventually arrived, there she was looking out for me that stormy evening, rescuing me even from the never-ending labyrinth of country lanes and dark copses.

In light cotton trousers and pale checked shirt, there stood Anne, one half of the duo well known in the 1980s as ‘the psychics with the x-ray eyes’. I’d met her around that time as a cub reporter. Along with Peter she’d written a column for the old London Evening News, was famous for predicting the Zeebrugge and Lockerbie disasters, the TWA crash, a disastrous coup in the Seychelles, and Princess Diana’s death in 1997. She was also a regular visitor to the Kent Police training centre in Sutton Road, Maidstone, where her skills as a clairvoyant were tuned into to aid many murder investigations. One of her proudest claims was also to be able heal the sick through faith healing and psychic phenomena and her clinics in Kent were bursting with people seeking an answer beyond conventional medicine. Good old days, she reckons, but not without the cynics ready as always to beat down the door.

Home for the mystical Owens today though nestles snugly on the edge of a magnificent view we’d describe as England’s green and pleasant land and beyond their kitchen window is a cool, dark lake upon which swans and geese socialise. Strangely enough for psychic mediums they’re baffled over their luck to land such a plum property and grounds. I thought they’d see good fortune coming. Anne wonders over their luck for several minutes and I venture perhaps ‘fate’ has dealt them a prosperous card. All she wants to point out though is report how so many old friends want to see them again. ‘We’ve been away you see,’ she added. ‘Peter and I left Kent in the 1990s and lived in France for 12 years as a sort of ‘retirement’ present for ourselves. ‘But now…well, we wanted to return mostly to find those people again and finish our book.’

Two decades later Anne’s appearance hasn’t changed much. The hair is still dark, the face is bold and luminous, the eyes all seeing, and the aura slightly defensive. ‘Sorry if I cry a lot,’ she says. ‘It’s hot today, very hot.’ She dabs her eyes and shows me into a kitchen that leads through to a sitting room full of ancient Chinese artefacts, a grandfather clock, and overhead magnificent beams crown the ceiling. She tells me the Buddha statue on the rare Chinese cabinet is 700′ years old and in one of her past lives she lived in China. She introduces me to husband Peter – the ‘man with the x-ray eyes’. ‘Peter has actually written our new book,’ she adds and motions to the slightly built Peter (whom she describes as ‘being ill’) to fetch the synopsis of We Live Forever. Anne dabs her eyes again. She chatters about a new television programme for Channel Four that features her helping detectives solve an east Kent murder case going back to the 1980s involving a dead nurse, a hospital porter, some grisly remains, and Epping Forest. This is due to be filmed soon and she’s quick to add: ‘But I am not getting any money for it. I just want to show people how the powers of visualisation can be so strong and effective.’ There’s the book too. We Live Forever, which records the Owens’ many years of extraordinary experiences with the third kind, the third world and three-way conversations which introduce the reader to regression stories and anecdotes that go beyond explanation. A crack of thunder interrupts her and I venture in a question. ‘When did you first realise you could see what others couldn’t?’ I ask. Anne, quite unashamedly says she was a little girl when she saw a fairy flitting about the room. ‘I told my mother and got a thump for ‘making things up’. From then I kept quiet. I was embarrassed by my visions. I dreaded going to bed. I had several weeks once as a child when I saw great tidal waves in my dreams sweeping over the Ganges in India. I saw so many people drowning. ‘Then it happened and I was as horrified as everybody else. But I kept what I knew all to myself because I felt alone with my visions.’

It was only after she joined a philosophy group in her 20s that she met Peter who said he had the same ability ‘to tune into the unexplained’. Then Anne declares ‘anyone who can visualise’ can do it? I am then asked to close my eyes and picture an orange. ‘What sort of orange is it?’ she asks and so on and so on until the questions about the image in my mind have developed it into something more meaningful and prophetic. ‘Back in the 1980s I was something of a pioneer, I suppose,’ ventures Anne. ‘My ability to visualise and make predictions was finally being taken seriously in many quarters.

‘Since then I have helped in many scientific research projects in England and America. I found once the scientists get on board to help justify my abilities the cynics lay off me.’ Anne and Peter talk a lot about the proof of their psychic abilities. They offer to rummage through drawers and show me letters of justification from all sorts of scientists and academics vouching for their authenticity. Anne has also recently been approved as a bona fide migraine healer. I ask how. ‘By an over-zealous medical insurance company,’ she replies ‘that grilled me for days about my healing abilities.’

Ultimately the Owens then claim they can see right through you and I. They reckon they can detect all of our ailments if they tune right into us and if Anne gets a message from the other side to help so said afflicted person she will stretch out her hand to them and let the healing begin. And to all cynics this middle-aged couple have one thing to say: ‘We have the proof. We have testimonials, letters, numbers of anyone we have helped through a terrible illness who will vouch for our abilities,’ explains Anne. Even Peter gets thrown into the proof theory. ‘He was very ill recently and all wired up to all these monitors and his heart beat was going nineteen to the dozen. He was dangerously ill. All I did was put my hand on his head and within a few seconds the nurses couldn’t believe the change in his heart rate. ‘It slowed to normal and he picked up from there on. I don’t mean to do it. I just get told. A voice urges me on and I tell it to help me or I will feel a right twit if nothing occurs. The result is always positive though, and I am never let down,’ she says. But I want some proof at this point. Anne takes my palm and tells me a few personal things that do, I have to admit, ring peculiarly true. She’s also come up with a whole list of twinges I have been known to experience. Neck ache, temperamental right ankle, some lower back pain. True, true. Now, I have been told who to be wary of, who to love, what I will achieve and who I will marry.

She also wanted to know if I painted. She saw me with pictures of rivers, she said. I was asked to close my eyes and describe my favourite country and why I liked it and what drew me to it. Peter, an expert in regression therapy, tunes in at this point. I go on about my love affair with the Netherlands and reveal I went there for an educational thing but for some inexplicable reason I love the country, its culture and the people and all sorts of other Dutch kind of reasons. Now Peter wants to see me as a regression therapy candidate. Anne nods solemnly. ‘Yes,’ she adds closing her moist eyes. ‘I know you were a Dutch painter in the 18th century and all around you I see canals and the simple life.’

It’s raining heavily now and I’ve been discussing psychic phenomena with the Owens for nearly three hours. When we move onto religion Anne talks about the final chapter of their 3 new book that they claim is bound to all believers in God. ‘Religion is responsible for much unhappiness,’ she adds. ‘I have seen the torture people put themselves through because of some unrelated dogma they have had drummed into them as children. ‘All I want is for our new book to help people. I want it to make them understand we have many lives, and there really is something else that is nothing to do with the conventional images associated with most religions. ‘I want people to read this book and see how visualisation is a positive thing in life, not an evil or demeaning one. Intuition needs respect. Peter and I know. We have the proof and are willing to show anyone who asks. There is another power, we all have contact with our former lives and this should be celebrated not swept aside as crankiness.’

As I drove away from the psychic Owens that night the storm had moved on. The air was fresh and the roads glistened from their heavenly cleanse. When my right ankle twinged again as if to adjust to the new climate I recalled Anne’s accurate detection of this and other personal information. I lifted my foot off the accelerator to ease the pain. She had been right, but in this fast and furious world how can any of us dare to slow down for too long? But am I convinced they’re genuinely in touch with the other side? Peter and Anne will ask the spirits if you let them.

Anne and Peter will be here to try and help YOU find missing people, pets, jewellery, precious items. Or do you have astrology questions and mystical matters to ask them?

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“I had a personal reading with Anne Owen, whom I had never met before. She straight away looked at my hands and told me that she saw that I had had a lot of troubles and that I had had a near-death experience.”

“She then told me that she had three people standing behind her, a woman and two men. And Anne then said that the woman was telling her that she had told me many years earlier that it wasn’t my time and I had to go back.”

For a telephone reading,

call Anne on 01622 764417 or 07538 787383