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Anne Owen, Healer, Psychic and Medium is now available to give personal consultations

Anne Owen | Holistic Healer.

A highly gifted healer based near Maidstone in Kent, Anne Owen has achieved countless remarkable successes working with people who have been unable to be helped by traditional medicine.
Using her proven X-Ray vision (see below for some sample press articles), Anne will in many cases be able to diagnose your ailments at sight and alleviate many conditions by means of holistic and healing energies.

Not a qualified doctor, Anne has been using her special gifts with a very high success rate to help people ever since she became aware of them in her teenage years.

Her forthcoming book 'We Live Forever - the Story of the Woman with X-Ray Eyes' recounts many episodes of her life dealing with these and many other areas.

Her contact details are:
Telephone: 01622 764417 or 07538 787383
Press Articles:
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I have not made public until now my interest in people's medical problems. Although not a qualified doctor, I have a healing gift for which I am insured should anything go wrong (it hasn't happened yet in over 30 years!). If you have persistent problems such as migraine, headaches or sprains, in fact anything that requires manipulation as my book We Live Forever testifies I can probably remove it - if I can't do it you will not be charged. If it is a medical problem which I cannot treat, I can 'remote view' it for treatment by your doctor. No charge for this service is required in addition to a reading, or you may come just for the treatment at the same price as a reading.

An example from many hundreds; a policewoman came to me who had been on crutches for 9 months; she had crashed a car when chasing a wrongdoer. I treated her and she walked out without her crutches; my husband called out to her saying: "You've forgotten your crutches!" The policewoman testified to this on my Radio Show at the time.

Client Testimonies:
"After years and years of recurrent lower back pain (sciatica) and repeated trips to the physiotherapist and osteopath (which provided short term relief) I visited Anne. Well, after a couple of minutes of her amazing technique I felt relief immediately. I am now incredibly supple in the lower back with no pain to date. Her diagnosis was spot on - eyes closed in normal Anne fashion - without touching. Followed by some vigorous manipulation, all painless, fantastic. I can now put my socks on in the morning with ease!

I sustained the injury at school at about 15 years of during unsupervised sports. I am now 42 and had lived with it to one degree or another for that time. Now I am free of it. I know if it recurs through my own bad posture or further sports, a quick call to Anne will have me right again. I can't thank her enough."

For a telephone reading, contact Anne on 01622 764417 or 07538 787383 - this costs £38 for a scheduled half hour appointment. To arrange a live, Personal Reading in the Maidstone, Kent area call 01622 764417 or 07538 787383.

Payment for telephone readings is by credit/debit card.
Telephone or Personal Visits can be arranged after such payment.
Major credit and debit cards accepted.

Contact Anne Owen

Tel: 01622 764417 or 07538 787383