Psychic Detective Interview with Anne Owen

Anne is available, either by telephone or during a personal appointment, to help you answer any questions. Perhaps advice on your health, emotional problems, your work situation or even why your pet is out of sorts. Maybe a loved-one is missing? Or you want to know when romance may appear on the horizon? Here is a selection of recent queries she has dealt with.

Q: My wife and I used to get on well, but lately her mind always seems to be elsewhere and she is not responding to me as she always used to. I have my suspicions that she is interested in someone where she works, far back as the last two months she has wanted to go out once a week with girls from the office. Am I imagining it or is there someone else?

Anne replies : I think your relationship has been in trouble for some time, and your wife doesn’t feel cared for in the way she used to. I feel your job has put you under a lot of pressure which has made you feel tired at home, and she feels the lack of attention that she was always used to. I see a man with dark hair and sallow complexion who is interested in your wife who connects with her work. He has a partner or a wife whom he has no intention of leaving. I would suggest you show your wife that you really care. I feel in this way your problem will resolve itself.

Q: I have lost a turquoise and diamond ring which was lent to me by my grandmother. I have no idea how it went missing. Where could it have gone?

Anne replies: I don’t think that you have lost it. My feeling is you have put it away in a place very quickly one day where it wouldn’t easily be found and simply forgotten where you put it! I get a feeling of it being somewhere high on top of a cupboard or kitchen unit well out of sight. I can see children around you and you were probably concerned that one of them would find it and play with it. I am sure that your grandmother’s ring will return to you one day.

Q: One of my children often seems to be carrying on a conversation with an invisible person. He is four and a half and when I ask him who is he talking to he says the lady in my bedroom. Her describes her as a nice lady and he plays alone in his room while carrying on this one sided conversation which I can clearly hear from the next room. Is this healthy, and is there something wrong with our house?

Anne replies: I am picking up a woman who has passed away in that house some 80 years ago who loved children. She is very attached to your house and is very friendly – you have nothing to fear. Your little boy is obviously extremely psychic and this lady is very real to him – so real that at his age he would not probably be able to distinguish someone in the spirit world from anyone in normal everyday existence. I clearly remember that when I was about the age of your son, I often saw spirit people but my parents just were not able to understand and told me to be quiet. Treat the situation as if it is quite normal. It may be interesting for you to try and find out more regarding the history of the house. I feel this woman lived in your house before world war II and died in childbirth.

For a telephone reading, contact Anne on 01622 764417 or 07538 787383 – this costs £40 for a scheduled half hour appointment.

Payment for telephone readings is by credit/debit card.

Anne cannot enter into emailed readings.

“I had a personal reading with Anne Owen, whom I had never met before. She straight away looked at my hands and told me that she saw that I had had a lot of troubles and that I had had a near-death experience.”

“She then told me that she had three people standing behind her, a woman and two men. And Anne then said that the woman was telling her that she had told me many years earlier that it wasn’t my time and I had to go back.”

For a telephone reading,

call Anne on 01622 764417 or 07538 787383